Friday, April 22, 2011

Bio-engineering: What's Next?!

This blog showcases undeniably attention grabbing photographs pertaining to Paul Root Wolpe's speech entitled "It's time to question bio-engineering". Although the speech is a tad on the long side (approx 20 minutes), I found it to be an incredibly interesting presentation. Wolpe opens by explaining his topic is about "intentionally designing and altering the physiological forms that inhabit our planet."

Please note the following pictures are real and taken directly from Wolpe's presentation.

A bioluminescent gene (taken from deep sea jellyfish) has been put into mammal cells. This lead to putting it into organisms such as mice, puppies and monkeys. It is only a matter of time before humans will be able to glow in the dark...

He also touches on animal hybrids we are already aware of (like the ones below) and what is to come!
Zorse (Zebra+Horse)

Liger (Lion+Tiger)

Below are a couple examples of "Bugbots". These flies, cockroaches and moths are wired and can be navigated throughout labs much like a remote control car, airplane or robot. Thus stripping them of their autonomy. Also, "Bugbots" are only the beginning...

In additon, if you find this image to be as repulsive yet terrible intriguing as I do, then I advise you watch the video to feed your curiosity.

I have briefly touched on some of the highlights of this alarming speech. To take the images showcased to a whole new level watch the clip below and learn about what is next for intentional design with respect to human beings!

And thank you Sarah Jane for sending my this video!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

SlutWalk Toronto

As I type, Toronto's SlutWalk is well on its way. Starting with speeches from 1:30-2:00 and followed by a walk from the Legislative Building to Toronto Police Headquarters at 40 College Street. The SlutWalk idea sparked as a reaction to comments made by a police officer that victims can be blamed for sexual assault based on how they dress.

"On Jan 24, Const. Michael Sanguinetti told a group of students at York University : 'Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.' " - Montreal Gazette

Despite the police force's apologies, Sonya Barnett (SlutWalk Co-Founder) believes this is an indicator with respect to issues of "victim-blaming" within the police force. She encourages everyone to come out to support the walk in whatever he/she feels. The can range from fishnets and stilettos to jeans and an old tee shirt.

"Our stance is that slut is an attitude, not a look." -Sonya Barnett

This year's SlutWalk Toronto is expected to have over 3,000 participants. With lots of buzz being generated from its social media that number could increase by many! I encourage you to learn more about the march and check out what has been said by visiting the following links. I hope the event has much success!

Click on the following to learn more and show support:


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