Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Literal Fashion Police

Athens is home to the Ancient Olympic games, the capital of Greece, and about 50% of its population. Close to 5 million people live in Athens resulting in terrible traffic issues within the city. There are actually more cars than there are people! Drastic measures had to be taken to solve this ordeal. It is now the law that vehicles can only be driven on alternative days. Specifically, cars with license plates ending in odd numbers are allowed on the road on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th days and vice versa.


a driver’s license can be taken away if the driver is deemed either “unbathed” or “poorly dressed”
I assume this is another effort to decrease the number of drivers on the road; either that or a fashion wake up call to those who clearly do not dress up for the daily traffic jam.

Sources: www.in2greece.com and http://library.thinkquest.org

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sorry, my bad!

Many people underestimate the power of an apology. A simple “I’m sorry” can save you from much more than you would think. The textbook of perinatal medicine states that a patient is 50% less likely to sue for moderate or severe mistakes if the physician is willing to admit the mistake and apologize. People mess up, it happens, that’s life. Although suing for a large chunk of change may sound very rewarding, in the end it seems that people just want to know you care. Take the time to say you are sorry. You never know when a 50 second apology can save you from a $50,000 lawsuit!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Matthew, Mark, Luke & Ikea

Did you know, that the Ikea catalog is said to have a higher circulation than the Holy Bible?! It is printed in 27 different languages and distributed in 35 countries… it’s everywhere! Ikea is taking Europe-no wait, the WORLD- by storm. As a matter of fact,

“10% of Europeans are said to have been conceived in an Ikea bed”
I guess Ikea really does give that family feel to your home after all.

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