Thursday, September 24, 2009

Matthew, Mark, Luke & Ikea

Did you know, that the Ikea catalog is said to have a higher circulation than the Holy Bible?! It is printed in 27 different languages and distributed in 35 countries… it’s everywhere! Ikea is taking Europe-no wait, the WORLD- by storm. As a matter of fact,

“10% of Europeans are said to have been conceived in an Ikea bed”
I guess Ikea really does give that family feel to your home after all.

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  1. Wow! Those Swedes know how to spread a good thing!!

  2. This post really makes me wonder what will happen next? People are more concerned over how to decorate their kitchen more than their own religion. IKEA has really monopolized on the idea of affordable home décor and shows how our world is really shifting into new idea.

  3. I feel like the delicious, and cheap lunches, funny product names, and adventures that are had when visiting the store help Ikea's case as well...



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