Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Phil Pallen #WINNING

I just wanted to send a BIG congratulations to Phil Pallen! Not only is Phil the creative and talented mastermind behind FactSnacks graphic design but he has landed a job with Ryan Seacrest Productions! After competing for the chance to be Charlie Sheen's Social Media Intern and making to the final round from 80,000 contestants, Phil has taken advantage of the great opportunities the new found publicity has gotten him. I could not be more proud and many people would agree...

Facebook post

Article published by the Toronto Star. Click here to read!

Yep, it's legit!

And last but not least...

I would like to point out that I received the first shout-out (no big deal). I feel honoured and will continue to show my love and support for my dear friend as be climbs the ladder of success. I feel it was just yesterday we were combining my creativity and his technique to create digital masterpieces!
I strongly encourage all of you to visit Phil's webpage, fan him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter... pretty much cyber stalk the crap out of him. Why? Because he is incredibly talented and deserves all that he has recently been awarded. I will leave you with my personal favourite video from his Charlie Sheen campaigning days...

Facebook: Fan Page
Twitter: @philpallen


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