Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm Not Here for the Food...

Image form Toronto Star

The Liberty Village restaurant Mildred's Temple Kitchen is inviting diners to have sex in their bathrooms as a Valentine's weekend promotion. Apparently their unisex bathrooms have already been the setting for some sexcapades so why not capitalize on it for this special weekend celebrating love...

For $55 you can purchase a "love hamper" full of goodies including furry handcuffs, oils, pecan squares, and a decorative birdcage (a little bit of everything it seems).

A maid has been hired to tidy up the bathroom between visits and according to Toronto Public Health, as long as there is no sex in the kitchen and the washroom stays sanitized there will be no fuss.

Mildred's wants their modern bathrooms to be one of the "101 places to have sex before you die" so if you feel like scratching that off your list next weekend I suggest you book a reservation and purchase your "love hamper" today!

PS: What happens to the regular diners who actually just need to go to the bathroom?!

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