Monday, May 17, 2010

Too Sexy for that City...

**sorry for the layout I dont know why its not cooperating**

Did you know that the highly anticipated Sex and
the City 2 movie had to change their filming location
to Morocco? Originally, it was supposed to be in Abu Dhabi
but Emirates' officials turned down the request to film on
location. Abu Dhabi is highly sensitive to plots that could
be deemed too racy and/or politically charged.

The interesting twist is the book "Sex and the City" by
Candace Bushnell can be found in bookstores all over Dubai...

Just a reminder, Sex and the City 2 premiers
May 27, 2010! Check out the trailer for a sneak peek
of what to expect.

PS: Jac a la Fac, this one is for you ;)



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