Thursday, June 24, 2010

You May Outlift Me But I Will Outlast You!

The following post is in response to the following statement which I received via email from a lovely individual who shall remain nameless...

Chairman of the Department of Military Science at the University of Michigan, who conducted a test of Army officer candidates, and found that: The 
top 20 percent of women at West Point achieved scores on the Army Physical 
Fitness Test equivalent to the bottom 20 percent of male cadets. Only seven 
percent of women can meet a score of 60 on the push-up test, while 78 percent 
of men exceed it. A 20- to 30-year-old woman has the same aerobic capacity as a 50-year- old man. Only one woman out of 100 could meet a physical standard 
achieved by 60 out of 100 men. Woman by nature are smaller and slower, and 
have 40% less upper body strength.

Now I realize that females may not be as strong as males BUT there are many [more important] things I and my good friend Cosmopolitan would like to highlight.
CLICK HERE to read the full description of Cosmo's "Things Women Do Better Than Men"
1. We evolve hotter
2. We survive car accidents more often (men 77% more likely to die)
3. We're better at seeking comfort
4. We're more recession proof
5. We graduate college more often (and do it in a more timely fashion!)
6. We eat healthier
7. We have stronger immune systems
8. We live longer
9. We're better managers
10. We invest better

In conclusion, yes it is a wee bit embarrassing that a 20-30 year old woman has the aerobic capacity of a 50 year old man BUT I would rather have a better immune system, invest wisely, and most importantly... be hotter :)


  1. I have an amazing immune system after eating ants and dirt for most of my childhood.

  2. 1. How do you measure that statistic ?
    2. There are more male drivers than females, thus that is skewed.
    3. That is because men do not seek comfort as much as woman.
    4. How do you measure that ? Men lost more money with the recession bc they had more money too begin with.
    5. Men graduate university more often, women graduate college more often.
    6. Possibly, men exercise more often, balances out.
    8. Yes, thats bc men take more risks and do more strenuous activity.
    9. More compassionate yes, better managers
    no. Too concerned with peoples feelings.
    10. On a small scale maybe, large scale, not a chance.

    If this is in cosmo then give maxim 24 hours to rip this to shreds. :-)

  3. interesting.... this is why women keep us alive.

  4. hahah Hendo and Cash!

    Anonymous: perhaps you should consult the article for all your questions? Easy there. I was expecting to get a comment like this though...

  5. You go girls!
    I think its a good thing that there are exceptions to every rule ... so we can have strong athletic women and extremely smart men too.



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