Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Feeling Adventurous?

Metro had quite the interesting article a while back I would like to share with those ready to spice up their summer vacations. To all the adrenaline junkies that may be a hint crazy. Here are the Top 5 Dangerous Vacation Spots

5. Spain's Running with the Bulls

The name pretty much explains it all. You get to run amongst the bulls and try your best not toget trampled.

Death toll: 15 since 1924 (the first year of statistics)

4. Zambia's White Water Rafting

Not only are the waters crocodile infested, but the rapids have been given nicknames such as "Highway to Hell" and "Stairway to Heaven". EEEEK!

Death Toll: Approx 30/year

3. Switzerland's Ice Climbing

90 degree faces of sheet ice + sub zero temperatures + constant avalanche threats = YIKES

Death Toll: Varies by area

2. Indian Ocean's Sailing

Now I know what you're thinking, sailing is nice... cant be that dangerous. WRONG! Samali pirates hijacked 263 people! They have pledged to die rather than free them.

Death Toll: Unknown...

1. Bolivia's Biking

Coined the "Road of Death", many extreme (slightly insane?) cyclists attempt to take on this 70km trail with "tiny, one-track unmade roads with an unprotected sheer drop of 500 meters"!!!!

Death Toll: Approx 100/year

So there you have it thrill seekers of the world. These vacations pale in comparison to a bungee, skydive or other "extreme events". I think I might just play it safe for my vacation plans and stick to a beach, mojitos, and perhaps snorkeling?

For the full article please CLICK HERE


  1. I would rather go to spain to be in that awesomely, large tomato fight.

  2. The closest thing to a mountain that i've ever biked is the Adams Park tobaggan hill...im sure it is just as dangerous.

  3. How about the event (in Japan I think) where people ride 20 foot logs down a steep muddy hill like rodeo riders... another great holiday idea!



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