Sunday, December 5, 2010

Carrying the World on Your Shoulder

When working at the oneofakind Show this weekend in Toronto I stumbled across this booth that really intrigued me. The company is Joy Apparel and the product is the Joy T-Shirt.

You design and purchase your Joy T-Shirt on by choosing a person and a shirt to put the face on. Each visage (face) represents a real person and the tag will have information on the stranger (ie name, where he/she is from, goals in life). The idea is that
"when you wear your shirt you are encouraged to think about that person and how your everyday actions can affect others and the world we live in"
Then, once you bought your Joy T-Shirt, you can then upload your visage to the website. It will then be hand drawn and put onto a shirt for others around the world to wear next to their hearts. How cool is that?!

As stated by the people at Joy Apparel:

It is about taking an active stance against racism and discrimination while being an advocate for peace and equality... because in someway or another, we are all connected!


  1. great idea.
    nice look to the site hendo p

  2. YAY OOOK ! hahah -- i wish i bought a tee now --- ps live the new look

  3. AL: Clever, I wish I made that the post title!

    Wes: Much love, word.

    Douglas: *love (you're lucky I get you...)




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