Monday, September 27, 2010

Shopping Never Felt So Good

Scientists from the University of Westminster conducted a study commissioned by The Institute of Promotional Marketing and came up with the following conclusion:
"Buyers get the same dose of emotional arousal, when they confront special offers and coupon codes in shops as they receive from sexual arousal"
The scientists focused on the regions of the brain responsible for emotional anxiety when the 50 participants went shopping and when they watched an erotic film. The analysis was done on a 10 point scale with rates 5-7 corresponding to the state of sexual stimulation. Shoppers reached these levels when they came across sales, discount coupons, promotions and gifts. To make a long story short- and I quote- "It was found that the discount coupons had the same effect as pornography."


  1. Great Blog Kaleigh!!! I wonder which one of our friends gets aroused by shopping ;) ;)

  2. bahahahahah! Oh Dina, I think I know! hehehe



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