Saturday, January 1, 2011

The DOUGHMAN: Eat, Bike, Run, Swim

Described as similar to an Ironman... but "doughier", the DOUGHMAN is a Team Relay Quadrathlon. It essentially is a combination of competitive eating and a triathlon, because who doesn't like to physically exert themselves after a big meal!?

The DOUGHMAN is a charity race held annually to raise awareness and money for locally grown food and Durham, NC charities. In the past 2 years over $13,000 has been raised!

There are not many rules and regulations when it comes to The DOUGHMAN, but they do make the following statement clear on their website:

"Two vegetarians or one vegetarian and one vegan can be included per team. If your team has a vegan, they must be able to swim, and your biker must be able to eat pork."

To see this quadrathlon in action check out this video from one of my favourite shows Man v. Food.


  1. Lets hope more communities think of inventive ways to support local farmers/vendors.



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