Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Force is With This Cutie

Split screen of Max Page & Mark Hamill

If you do not recognize the adorable Max Page it is because he sported a Darth Vader costume in my favourite Super Bowl commercial of 2011. Even though Max's identity was not unveiled in the ad, many have commented on the striking resemblance he has to Mark Hamill... and I would have to agree.

What's even funnier? Max has not even seen an episode of Star Wars! So much for studying for your role, luckily he is so cute he can get away with it.

Despite "The Force" not being with him for the commercial, Max has overcome much in life as his mother explains in a NBC interview that "he is a real inspiration". Born with a heart defect, Max had surgery at 3 months old and now has a pacemaker. He lives his life like any other 6 year old boy now... with the exception he is now a mini superstar and appears on The Young and the Restless. I would say that "The Force" is definitely with him.

Check him out in action in Volkswagon's 2011 Super Bowl Commercial below


  1. Volkswagen did a great job. It is the first car commercial that I actually liked! Cute kid ;-)

  2. The force is strong in this one! Most excellent ad!



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