Thursday, February 24, 2011

Taking Modeling to New Heights

***This post has been brought to you by GUEST BLOGGER WES aka FactSnacks' biggest fan. I appreciate the love and the blog entry! Give it a read and enjoy.***

Many women would agree that dating a taller man is ideal…. so what’s a girl to do if she happens to be a towering 6 foot 8 inches tall? Well, she could hope to link up with a NBA Center (See Shaquille O’Neal or Andrea Bargnani) or she could become a professional model! Meet Amazon Eve, the World’s Tallest Model. She was recently granted the title by the Federation of World Records and is waiting to be measured by Guinness World Records for their official recognition.

When you think tall, this girl has it all. She has a 40” inseam, 38” arms and a size 14 shoe size! At age 14 Eve was 5 foot 11 inches tall, and grew an additional 9 inches in the next 4 years.

Her big break in the modeling world happened in November 2009 when she was featured on the cover of the Australian Edition of Zoo Weekly, a men’s magazine. Since then, Amazon Eve’s lengthy figure has graced magazines, newspapers, and websites in over 27 countries around the world. Aside from modeling, Eve has worked as an actor, a personal trainer, and a paralegal, with hopes to complete law school in the near future.

Bearing her new title as the World’s Tallest Model, the sky is indeed the limit for the soaring self-proclaimed Super Woman. Perhaps general managers of the WNBA will take notice in Amazon Eve, and see if her talents extend beyond her already full-sized resume. Check below for a video of some of her photo shoots (at 1:20 you will experience the true length).

Thanks again to Wes for guest blogging on FactSnacks. If anyone else has blog-worthy information do not be shy to let me know! :)


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