Monday, July 18, 2011

Bomb Diggity

Darren Clarke won the Open Championship and happily embraces the Claret Jug. Some fun facts about Clarke include the following:

- At 42, he is the oldest golfer to win the Open Championship since Roberto De Vicenzo

- No one, until now, has ever won the Open after more than 15 attempts. This was his 20th!
- Known for drinking 24 pints of Guinness after his Ryder Cup victory

The most interesting thing about Clarke, in my opinion, has nothing to do with golf. Below is an excerpt form an article written in February of 2003 from CBC's Golf Digest:

"In one of the few jobs I've had apart from golf," Clarke says, "I worked in a nightclub, setting up the bar. One day, after I'd been there a couple of hours, a call came through that a bomb was ready to go off in 15 minutes. Everyone cleared out. Sure enough, exactly 15 minutes later, the whole place was flattened. I'd been 10 yards from the bomb for two hours. You say, growing up, that you get used to it. But you don't."

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