Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Reunited and It Feels So Good

Pollux, a black Labrador, decided she needed to see more of Canada. In June of 2010, she ran from the backyard of her home in east-end Montreal and headed west. In fact, a year later she was found 4,500 km away from home in Kamloops, B.C.!

There are many theories as to how Pollux traveled across Canada. She escaped her backyard through an open gate on a rainy day. Owner, Isabelle Robitaille, thinks she hopped on a freight train to avoid the water (which she hated). Robitaille also considers the possibility that a trucker or family that was heading west may have picked up Pollux on the way.

It was not until Canada Day of 2011 when Robitaille received a call from the SPCA branch in Kamloops. Thanks to a chip that was implanted in the dog, her owner's information was retrieved and Pollux can go home sweet home.

Pollux -might I add- was found in good health and good body condition. She will be flown home to be reunited with her family just in time for her 9th birthday.


  1. My heart is happy <3. I love hearing stories like this it really makes me smile :)! Thanks for sharing Kenders!

  2. It is definitely a happy animal story in comparison to your poor Canada Goose :(



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