Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And Then There Was Light

Below is emotional footage of a group of chimpanzees seeing daylight for the first time in 30 years!

The chimpanzees were taken from their mothers shortly after their birth and transported to an Austrian facility. They were locked in cages for 30 years for medical testing. When in isolation, scientists gave them HIV and hepatitis.

Finally, the testing came to an end once the pharmaceutical company behind the research was sold (thank goodness). It was now time to reintroduce the chimps to the outside world. They were moved to a farm where their keepers struggled to get them outside. As one might assume, this was a very confusing process for the group who had not seen the light of day in decades.

Once they finally made it out, their reaction says it all. The farm keepers and others present at this time were overjoyed with excitement to see their reaction. I found it precious!

"They hugged as if saying, 'We're finally free'. And then they laughed." -Commentator

"The chimps are incredibly happy. This is amazing, I have been waiting for this moment for so long." -Renate Foidl, their keeper


  1. Nice find Sarah Jane ... great post Kalz!

  2. Amazing story! Video gets me everytime. No animal should have to live in a lab.



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