Saturday, September 3, 2011

How Much is That Girly in the Window?

In the spirit of students heading back to school, I decided to share this bold advertisement for Axe Body Spray.

The side of this all female college residence building was wrapped in a giant calendar of the month of March. The fine print, on the bottom right of this image under AXE SCHEDULE, says the following:

"As wrapping the female students' dormitory in the shape of calendar and using Axe for a month throughout March, we aimed for the expression that a new female can be met on a daily basis, to promote the brand image and preference for Axe."

In my opinion, the message is more along the lines of "you can have a new female everyday of the week". While I will give this campaign props for being bold and creative, I cannot help but believe this is a blatant objectification of women. I do not know how an educational institution (or any building for that matter) would support having this displayed on their building.


  1. Colleges are strapped for money so it does not surprise me... and part of axe's success is making bold adds that will offend people who are not in their target demographic. - BigAl

  2. Wow... This is absurd. Those poor girls!



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