Thursday, December 3, 2009

Victoria's [Expensive] Secret

Marisa Miller was chosen to wear the Fantasy Bra at this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. The Harelquin Fantasy Bra costs $3 million dollars! Here are some quick facts about this expensive piece of lingerie:

- Designed by Damiani
- Took over 800 hours to create
- Made with over 2300 diamonds
- Includes a rare 16 carat, heart-shaped, champagne coloured diamond
- Entire bra is almost 150 carats

Take a look!


  1. What a babe!
    Her boobs are worth 3 million on their own! They made that woman a star (that and her never ending legs).
    LOVE IT!
    [2 comments - 1 day = going to sushi with me for dinner]

  2. That bra is amazing! Got to get me one of those

  3. yayaya, i saw her on ellen too!
    but thats just insane for a bra, commmonnn.

  4. I'd take a lulu lemon bra over that bra anyday.

  5. I WISH I WAS HER. she is sooo out of this world stunning. Perfect person to stick a 3 million dollar bra on!

  6. Oh Hendo, how practical of you. Except I would take this bra anyday!

  7. Really..3 million dollars?! That's insane!

    What would you rather have..10 cars, thousands of shoes,a decent size house OR a bra? I wonder if any is going to/has ever bought a 3 million dollar bra? And if someone has..WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?



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