Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gotta Go... In Style

Accepting Award

I am certain that everyone can attest to having to use some dangerously sketchy bathrooms; I know I can! It is safe to say that there are a broad range of bathrooms out there ranging from debatable sanitary to surprisingly immaculate. Apparently some are so impressive they are awarded the title of Best Restroom. This year's winner for Canada's Best Bathroom Award went to Cactus Club Cafe in Burnaby, BC.

Highlights of the winning bathroom included magnifying make-up mirrors, exotic foot flush toilets, stall screens streaming Food Network footage, and privacy stalls equipped with fans, a sound system and lighting.

The Top 5 Restroom in Canada 2010 are as follows:
1. Cactus Club Cafe in Burnaby, BC
2. Spice Route Asian Bistro & Bar in Toronto, ON
3. Mildred's Temple Kitchen in Toronto,ON
4. The Shangri-La Hotel in Vancouver, BC
5. Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto,ON

Even more interesting is the 3rd place finish because I did a very shocking FactSnack on them earlier in the year. Click Here to find out what else goes on in their restrooms...

Also, I think what we can take away from these awards in not only people's appreciation for a classy bathroom but that bathrooms outside of Ontario and British Columbia need to step up their game.

For the full article and pictures of the 1st place finish please Click Here


  1. Great post Kender!!!! speaking of bathrooms, I went into the TTC bathroom the other day. I would never in my right mind actually go into a public station bathroom but it was an emergency. The lighting was very dim, it looked the washroom has not been cleaned for months and it was the most disgusting bathroom I have ever been to!

  2. hmm.
    personally i love bathrooms
    but many establishments need to take notes, and step up their bathroom game.
    a magnifying glass in the urnals may be appropriate to boost some egos!

  3. Dina: I am very sorry to hear, we will go out to dinner with a swanky bathroom to make up for this ordeal.

    CW: hahahaha! That is an interesting suggestion. Then again... no one likes false advertising.

  4. Spice Route's bathrooms are so fantastic. let's make a trip to BC to go to the Cactus Club! haha



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