Thursday, November 12, 2009


Shay and Daniel are the most recent contestants to be voted off NBC's hit television show The Biggest Loser. Shay was the heaviest person to ever be on the show. Her starting weight was 476 pounds. The day Shay was sent home she broke The Biggest Loser record for a female losing 100 pounds the fastest making her elimination on week 9 bitter sweet. She has a lot to be proud of and still has a long road of weight loss ahead of her. I wish her all the best!


  1. i think we share the same brain... go read my lastest blog. (freaky)

    ps. i really wish amanda was sent home, SHAY girl you deserved to be there!!:)

  2. I was reading a popular blog I follow day to day and you have posted the exact same thing as her. I feel that this is in violation of blogger copyrights. Please footnote or cite any information that is needed.

    P.s I still love you henderson... Wait no I l-u-v you haha

  3. I wish she wasn't voted off! She needed to be there! BUT! I think she was the fasted woman to lose 100 pounds not the fastest .. I think there was some other guy who lost 100 in 5 weeks.

  4. You are correct Dee! Thanks for bring that to my attention. I have made the change :)



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