Sunday, November 1, 2009


In 2006 the term “Crackberry” was voted Word of the Year by Webster’s New World Dictionary. It seems people just cannot get enough of their email checks and messaging. If you experience some of the following symptoms, you may be addicted to your BlackBerry:

-Soreness and/or numbness of the thumbs

-Phantom vibrations: you think your phone is vibrating when it is not

-Preferring to converse in a public setting via BlackBerry opposed to face-to-face

-You FREAK OUT if you forget it at home

-You collect PINs like it is your job

If that blinking little red light brings you happiness… you may want to take a step back and assess your Crackberry situation. Like any addiction it can be treated… and you are not the only one out there. Are you a victim of the Crackberry?



  1. This is absolutely hilarious. I do not have a Blackberry and don't want one because of the "symptoms" listed above. It makes it even more amusing that crackberry is in the dictionary now. I suppose it is a legit techno-syndrome. I can't deny the endless possibilities and wonders associated to technology, but hey, I never want to be that fixated on a machine. I stick with my old school cell phone that basically makes phone calls, oh ya and has a camera, but I never use it.

  2. That blinking red light brings me joy....not gonna lie.

  3. No worries Elyse, it brings me joy as well. Especially now that my phone lives on silent mode.

  4. The worst is when the red light flashes and you don't have a message!!!!

  5. YES Alex, I agree! For some reason my phone does that sometimes too... but I can definitely say I'm a Crackberry addict.

  6. There is no little red light on my phone... there is no bbm....
    But I still feel great love for My5 and texting on a regular cellular device.
    Oh and Kender - the picture is scary.

  7. Ps...
    i have gone through 4 phones in the past 2 years.
    just realized it a moment ago.
    KILL ME.

  8. I don't own a blackberry (simply because I don't want to become addicted, I know I would). But watching other people use theirs is pretty funny. My roommate is constantly checking hers even if a message doesn't come in. I'm aware of the red light and I don't even own one. It's taking over my life too!

  9. I have definitely had those Phantom Vibrations where I stare at my phone and think it is's a bit embarrassing when no one is calling..



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