Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sticky Fingers

As a result of the state of the economy, shoplifting rates have risen a total of 5.9% last year! More specifically, the Centre for Retail Research found that the greatest increase in retail theft came in North America, where the rate grew 8.1%.Here is a list generated by Main Street of the top 9 shoplifted items of 2009:
- Razor blades and shaving products
- Cosmetics, especially face creams and perfumes
- Wii and other gaming systems
- Alcohol
- Meat
- Satellite navigation, or GPS, systems
- Brand-name clothes, purses and accessories
- Infant formula
- Watches

I know what you are thinking… infant formula? Really?! Apparently, “some stores lock up
powdered formula, which is not only sold on the black market at a higher price but used to cut drugs. Who knew?”



  1. thats why you breast feed!!! DUH! its free:)

  2. Desperate people do desperate things in desperate times!

  3. i see thanx you vry nice post alışveriş

  4. Great solution Alex. I think you have solved the problem. lol. Interesting suggestion...

  5. I steal internet signal sometimes hahah



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