Monday, November 9, 2009

If I Had a Nickel for Every Time I Woke Up Happy...

PAYjr is an online Chore & Allowance System that claims to be a great tool to help children manage money. Both the parent and the child log onto the website and a list of chores is created for the child to complete. Each chore on the list has a price beside it and a timeline as to when it must be completed. Then at the end of the time period the child prints out the document and essentially bills their parent(s). Visa has also bought the company and offers children 13+ their chore money via a prepaid card!

Most Popular Chores:

1) 1)Make Bed

2) 2)Clean Room

3) 3)Feed Pet

Highest Paid Chores:

1) 1)Mowing Yard ($20)

2) 2)Watching Sibling ($15)

3) 3)Wash Car ($15)

Lowest Paid Chores:

1) 1)Brush Teeth ($0.01)

2) 2)Layout clothes for tomorrow ($0.01)

3) 3)Do homework ($0.01)

Odd Chores:

1) 1)Changing Underwear ($0.05)

2) 2)Capping Toothpaste ($0.02)

3) 3)Staying Awake for Sermons ($0.10)

4) 4)Waking up Happy ($0.05)

Now I don’t know about you, but I find it weird that capping the toothpaste pays more than the actual brushing of your teeth (which seems more important). Not to mention doing homework pays the least may encourage children to wash the car or wake up happy opposed to focusing on education. What do you think?


  1. I like the idea but think the Website should take the final bill and add 2 more columns: 1.Take 10% and create an account for charity. Money from this account can be used by child for charitable causes (church, school fundraisers, Buy chocolate bars for local sports teams etc.) - they choose!
    2. Another 10% for life savings ... this money to be put in a savings account and can never be spent until they are old and retired.
    I think that then they will grow up with good money habits.

  2. All I got to say is that I never got paid as a child for doing chores. Not getting Lu-Lu pissed off was motive enough:)

  3. Ahhhh Hygiene - Yes brushing your teeth and changing your underwear should be up there in the big cash-money range.

    Also - A.Falots would tell me doing chores is "contributing to the household and apart of being a member of this family".
    Can you put a price on that?

    Apparently from a polish (wanna-be-ital) mother ... the answer is flat out NO.

  4. Lucy, Amanda and Liz were on the same page....

  5. Oh and staying awake for sermons ... that is ten cents Blair still can't earn at the age of 20.

  6. That is very smart for parents to do. I know my sister has no clue how to manage money and just spends it whenever she get a dollar, this system would really help!

  7. Living in an italian household, there is no such thing as getting money for chores and good grades. Its either u do, or u dont and see what the consequences 24 and I still dont want to see them!

  8. All I know is that if this system was in working condition when I was still getting paid to do chores, my family would have the nicest lawn in the neighbourhood.

    Its systems such as these that go to show you either how creative/innovative our society has become, or, how money hungry large corporations have become that they are now targeting audiences for business that have never even received their first pay check. I think it is rather irresponsible on PAYjr’s part to be promoting the importance of visual appeal (neat lawn, clean car) above academics. No wonder we have many young girls today who are more interested in their appearance than they are about getting into post-secondary education.



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