Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bringing Home the Gold!

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic medals are a true work of art worth highlighting. It took a lot of time and effort - 402 days (2817 hours) – to complete all 615. They are one of the heaviest medals in Olympic history tipping the scale at approximately 500-576 grams each. Did you know the process involved:

- 1 year of planning, innovation, and prototype design

- 34 Mint engineers, engravers, dye technicians, machinists and production experts

- Over 30 steps

In addition, each medal was struck with 1900 tons of pressure, which is the equivalent weight of 760 cars stacked one on top of the other! To learn more about these masterpieces click here to view videos and take an in depth look at the production process. These medals are remarkable and best of luck to all Canadian athletes competing to win such a work of art!


  1. They do look nice! Go-Canada-Go!!

  2. They should have hired me.
    I would have completed them in 202 days!

  3. I agree BigAl, those medals look awesome!!



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