Friday, October 23, 2009

I Don't See Your Name On It...

It took me a very long time for me to like my name. Why? Because there was never any personalized products with “Kaleigh” written on them. If you were one of the kids in school who were jealous of the kids with their pencils that had their name on them… I felt your pain. Now, I enjoy having a name that not everyone has or a name not popular enough to make the personalized products cut off. To predict the personalized pencils of the future, I have supplied a list of the top 10 baby names (girl and boy) of 2009 from Baby Center.

1) Ethan / Isabella

2) Noah / Emma

3) Jacob / Olivia

4) Aiden / Ava

5) Jackson / Sophia

6) Logan / Madison

7) Jack / Chloe

8) Ryan / Abigail

9) Matthew / Addison

10) Jayden / Emily

Special mention to the following people:

18) Elizabeth

23) Sarah

31) Kaylee AND 53) Kayleigh (not my spelling but still kind of made the list!)

47) Savannah (who would have thought? Mom, you are a forward thinker...)

67) Alexandra

PS: Jaclyn & Kristen... looks like you didn't make the cut. Better luck next year :)

Click Here to see where you rank...


  1. I know so many Ethan/Jayden/Aiden's that have been born in the last two years it's ridiculous.

    Btw I think your name is really pretty and I like the unique spelling.

  2. even though im #67, I still have those personalized pencil's.

    ps. CANNOT believe kristen/jac is not there?!?

  3. Thanks Becky! And that is really interesting that you know newborns with those names. Must be an accurate list!

    And Alex... I thought you would rank a little higher!

  4. Nestled in nicely between River and Bobby at #353 ... Alan!

  5. I didnt think i knew an Ethan...found out today that the kid who sits beside me in chem is named Ethan. Crazy.

  6. What about Julius? Anyone thought about that name?

  7. Kaleigh is the best.... People don't forget.

  8. Have yet to find anything with Aletha or Yvonda. Even though Aletha isn't any longer a rare name but it was 30 years ago.



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