Saturday, October 24, 2009

Exercise Some Cleanliness Please!

It is no shocker that the gym is not the cleanest place on earth and Men’s Health has driven that point home in their latest magazine issue. When describing the “Average Guy”, they state that

33% of men do not wipe down gym equipment after using it!

Along with many other disturbing facts, they have warned us that the gym equipment with the most germs are the dumbbells & stationary bike seats. So be sure to wipe those bad boys down before using them because there is a good chance whoever last used them didn’t.

If the exerciser who neglected to remove the sweat from the machine is attractive, perhaps try asking him/her to clean it. That sweaty, uncleanly individual just might be the future love of you life. Why? Check this out:

50% of men think the gym is a better place to pick up than a bar

I have provided a clip to help improve your gym “pick up” skills. I would like to stress that one of the tips is to wipe down equipment… and I strongly agree with that point.


  1. oh you gym monkeys, clean the equipment!
    ps. nice clip, fav part: the juice date.

  2. I agree, love the smoothie bar!

  3. haha like the video on how to creep at the gym. The gym and the bar are the same on many levels.

    Bar line: "Can I buy you a drink?"
    Gym line: "Can I buy you a protein shake?"

  4. Just another reason i dont go to the gym :)

  5. Guys don't have to wipe down equipment after they're done, thats what girls are for at the gym! haha I joke. Ps. I would much rather pick up a girl at the gym than at the bar.

  6. I would also rather pick up a girl at the gym than the bar. But I don't think that happens too often and more like someone catches your eye at the gym and then picking up takes place else where. You see the person routinely and then eventually confront them outside of the gym. Or vice versa, they confront you.



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