Monday, October 12, 2009

Polar Ice, On The Rocks


There are approximately 20, 000 polar bears in the wild. Due to the reduction in sea ice in the Arctic, we can expect a loss of 2/3rds of the entire world’s population of polar bears over the next 50 years.

Last year it was proposed that they be added to the 2008 threatened species list. Polar bear deaths as a result of global warming are of great concern and rapidly increasing. It has also been foreshadowed to lead to extinction. Many are drowning because their homes are literally melting away.

I remember my Journalism Ethics professor standing in front of my class and telling this students that a sure fire way to sell a story is to use babies or cute animals. If the statistics are not tugging at your heartstrings then perhaps the video and image will. There are many petitions and ways you can show your support to this issue including Nature Canada’s petition. I encourage you to help shed light on this problem and do what you can, big or small, to help lessen the effects of global warming.

I would like to thank Sarah Jane showing me the above video clip to share with you :)

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